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Modern Aesthetic Medicine

We believe in skincare with intention. Always results and education-driven, we will elevate your natural beauty + provide rejuvenation with high-quality aesthetic treatments. We can’t wait to meet you wherever you are on your self-care journey and help you radiate from the inside out!

Self Care Isn’t a Luxury;
It’s a Necessity.

You already glow, even if you don’t know it! Our hand-picked collection of medical-grade injectables, lasers, and treatments will enrich your skin, elevate your features, and give you the confidence to let your light shine brighter.

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Invest in your skin; it will be with you forever! Our skincare treatments will minimize your pores, clear blemishes, and reduce the signs of aging, all while you destress from the world around you.

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Healthy skin + confidence are always on trend. With our injectable services we can help you get that perfect profile with non-surgical treatments.

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Laser Services

Lasers can do so much from laser hair removal or using innovative CO2 and IPL lasers to resurface + tighten the skin and correct fine lines + discoloration.

About Us

We’re on a mission to help you discover your best skin yet! Here at the SKN Lab, we strive for fulfillment and overall wellness, and we firmly believe that caring for the skin is a big part of that. Here’s the deal, our skin is always trying to talk to us – giving us an internal reading of our health and emotions. It turns out how we look on the outside is directly linked to how we feel on the inside!

That’s why we founded the SKN Lab, a safe space for clients to treat themselves with modern aesthetic medicine. When you’re sitting in the chair, you will be treated exactly as if you are our mother/sister/bestie because when you’re here, you’re family. 

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